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Build an automated CASS oversight system in minutes not months!

CASSmap is a software platform that allows you to:

  1. Map out the applicability of CASS rules to your organisation.
  2. Map CASS rules to risks & controls.
  3. Automate CASS risk Assessments.
  4. Report breaches and manage resolution.
  5. Assign controls to a specific person.

Plant the seeds of a scalable CASS monitoring program without the need for additional resource.

Reduce the cost of CASS oversight with automated monitoring.

Gain comfort that you are complying with CASS regulation with line by line rule to control mapping.

Monitor and react to control performance exceptions in real time.

Automate CASS monitoring and Empower your team

CASSmap allows your team to create a CASS oversight program without any technical expertise. This gives your team real time access to control performance, allowing them to address risks as they appear.

The Founder

Our founder, Asare Nicholls, has 10 years of experience in CASS and Safeguarding regulations. While helping CASS teams he noticed:

1. Most audit breaches were due to controls that were thought to be present and operational but  were actually not.

2. Most controls were still being performed on excel spreadsheets or via email and their performance was not being tracked in an aggregated manner.

3. By the time control performance exceptions were identified the remediation was often started a year too late.

4. Most CASS teams lacked data analytics resource and when that resource was available it was under-utilised or overstretched.

He sought to solve these problems with an automated platform that would simplify the creation of centralised CASS monitoring. 


Our founder Asare Nicholls is a leading CASS consultant and is happy to negotiate a short 1- 2 week project creating your initial CASS rule mapping.

In short, yes. We can take your existing excel based rule mapping and upload it to our system at no extra cost.